We have molded our entire education system to fit the goal of elite college admissions. The result? We’re preventing students from learning the very skills they need to be successful and fulfilled in life. Across the country, millions of high school seniors spent the past month opening their last college admissions envelopes, hoping to be accepted into the schools of their choosing. Many have spent the last several years of their lives agonizing over their

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Communities continue to use our film Race to Nowhere to spark dialogue and change. This week alone, communities in San Clemente, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco, as well as Pittsburgh, PA, will host screenings, and I’m honored to be able to attend two of them in person. In San Clemente, community members are still grieving for a student in a neighboring community who took his life, citing the endless pressure to perform in school as

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School change happens when communities unite and share ideas. This November 30, a national live-streamed conversation will explore how we can change our schools, led by educators on the cutting edge of school innovation. When I made my first film, Race to Nowhere, in 2009, I knew absolutely nothing about filmmaking; all I knew was that school culture needed to change. I picked up a camera to document the unhealthy educational culture we were immersed

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